HCA Benchmarking 2014-15 Coming Soon

The 2014-15 HCA Agency Benchmarking Survey will be distributed to Primary and Secondary contacts in HCA member companies in early April 2015.
HCA BenchmarkingHCA Benchmarking
If you haven’t been involved for a while and would like a reminder of the benefits, or if you’ve never taken part and need to be convinced of the value of doing so, please take a look at our What's in the Report? Type: pdf
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summary guide – an at-a-glance look at the types of data that are exclusively available to participating agencies.We hope you will be taking part in this year’s benchmarking programme – the more member agencies are involved, the more representative and accurate the data will be, and we are confident that you will find the reports to be a valuable resource.Here’s what some previous participants have said about the benefits:“Our financial acuity has improved. A more discerning focus on pitch opportunities”“We are looking at agency profitability more - keeping track of hours and ensuring we look to get the best value for our work”“Our procurement discussions with clients are better informed”“Our standard rate card remains intact despite some stiff opposition”“It has helped us get pay reviews approved (by the parent company)”Confidentiality is paramount, and surveys will be distributed and collated by Aline Rogers, the HCA’s independent market researcher. Please note that Aline will be the only person to see individual company data. (Reports are based on the aggregated data and we don’t share the identity of the companies who’ve taken part).If you would like to speak to Aline, or another member of the benchmarking team in confidence, to discuss what’s involved or any concerns you may have, please email Aline Rogers.