2017 Annual Meeting Report

On 26th January, over 80 HCA members came together for the 2017 Annual Meeting at One Wimpole Street and enjoyed a fascinating presentation by David Pendleton from Said Business School, looking at Leadership and Change.
Members - please login to view the slides from this event.Following a short introduction from HCA CEO, Anneliese Cameron, the audience was invited to consider David's 'Primary Colours of Leadership' looking at the 3 domains of business relationships and the importance of allowing everyone to play to their strengths. Asking the audience to name the key words in a leader brought forth a broad mix of qualities - from empathy to approachability and from humility to power. Highlighting the importance of working as a team, David reminded us all that an engaged, committed and motivated team will deliver better results and explained "A good leader just needs to be world-class at something - not everything".Members were then invited to group together with members of the Executive in a workshop format to think through strengths and opportunities for the HCA going forward. A really valuable exercise, appreciated by all that took part and now forming the basis of a strategic review of the HCA and shaping its vision for the future.If you would like to contribute to the review at this stage, please get in touch and tell us what you would like to see from the HCA. Email Romilly or Anneliese and let us know your thoughts and ideas.To receive notification about latest HCA events, please ensure you have Registered as an Individual in order to receive our regular news updates.