2015 Benchmarking Update

The HCA Consultancy Benchmarking Survey 2014-15 has been completed by 23 member agencies/consultancies. The survey explores key parameters relating to the delivery of healthcare communications services (including PR, Medical Communications, Market Access, Policy and Public Affairs) and the data is currently being analysed by our independent market researcher.
For the first time this year we also offered a separate survey specifically tailored for Freelancers/Independent Consultants. 35 individuals took part, including both HCA Associate Members and non-members. (We are hoping that, for some of these individuals, participation in the survey will be a first step towards joining the HCA).  A full report has been distributed to participants. Some of the highlights were:
  • Independent healthcare communications consultants get most of their business from communications agencies, but a significant chunk of their work also comes direct from pharma companies.
  • Across all client types, a key reason for bringing in an independent consultant is for specific expertise that the organisation lacks; agencies also commonly commission freelance services as an ‘extra pair of hands’ when there is a lack of in-house capacity.
  • Many of those surveyed were working at a senior level, and believe that this expertise, combined with flexibility in working patterns, adds up to an attractive offer for clients.
We are also currently drafting a Pharma Company survey, to explore some of the parameters that are important to our pharma members. We aim to send this out in late June/early July.Later in the year we will be reporting back to all members on the general trends across all three surveys, but only the participating companies/individuals will receive detailed financial/billing and HR data. (In addition, pharma members will receive the average hourly billing rates chart from the consultancy survey, as in previous years).

Champagne Winners

A champagne draw was offered as encouragement for people to complete the survey on time:
  • The Consultancy draw, for a case of champagne, was won by Ashley Communications. This is the second year that Ashley have won, but when you consider that they are one of the few companies who complete the survey on time every year, their good fortune is not all that surprising! Ashley have recently moved offices so we are delighted that they will be using the champagne to celebrate at their official opening with the team.
  • For the Independent Consultants group, a bottle of champagne goes to Laura Musgrave – congratulations Laura!
The Benchmarking Sub-Committee